Choosing Wedding Jackets for Your Quickly Approaching Wedding


With your wedding quickly approaching, it is vital to begin throwing together a nice wardrobe immediately. Remember that you will want to consider taking a look at wedding jackets. Although this might increase the overall price of the wedding slightly, it is definitely worth it! Before moving forward, you should remember that splurging on your wedding is entirely acceptable and you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little extra! With this in mind, it is time to take a look at jackets!

An Overview

Everyone knows what a jacket is, but it is vital to disregard this information, because wedding jackets are tremendously different. First and foremost, they do not necessarily serve the same purpose of the traditional jacket. They’re not meant to keep you warm. Instead, they’re only there to ensure that you look more beautiful and stylish! With this in mind, there is no doubt that a nice little jacket will definitely make you feel more special than you could every imagine. These items are available in an assortment of different styles, sizes and colors. Below, you will learn more about these differentials.

Different Types of Jackets

When it comes down to it, you will find that there is an assortment of different types of bridal jackets. Each one offers a unique style and different appearance. Therefore, it is vital to know a little about each, before moving forward.

• Blazers – These are full-length and are usually equipped with the classical front closure. They’re available in an assortment of different weights and fabrics. If you have a dress that is very simple and basic, the blazer is an outstanding choice! These usually have the lapel and collar both. It is entirely possible to customize the length of the blazer, in order to fit your style and preferences.
• Bolero – The bolero is a shorter jacket. They typically hang down to the waist or right around the bottom of the bust. Although some of these do not have a lapel and collar, some have both. It is possible to find these with varying sleeve lengths. Some are incredible small. These will not do much in the way of keeping you warm, but they’ll make you look totally stylish.
• Sweaters – Finally, you have the sweater jackets. As the name suggests, they are much bigger and usually are only worn for warmth. Still, they make an excellent choice for casual weddings.

Arm Length Measurements

If you are purchasing your wedding jacket through an online store, you will be taking quite a few risks. One of the biggest risks will be not being able to return the item to the store, if it does not fit appropriately. Your best bet will be to visit your local bridal shop and get a complete body measurement, before you make an online purchase.

When obtaining the measurements of the arm length, you should take your cloth tape measure and place the end at the top of the acromion (shoulder blade), then measure down to the wrist. Make sure that your arm is slightly bent, when taking these measurements.

Shoulder to Shoulder Measurements

It is crucial that you follow this measuring technique to a tee, so you will be able to purchase the right size wedding jacket. Take your cloth tape measure and place one end on top of the acromion (shoulder blade) and measure horizontally to the other acromion, while your right arm is hanging down to the floor and the left arm should be sticking out in front of you, but angled toward the floor. This will be one measurement, but you will need to follow up, by placing one of your arms on top of your head and follow the same measuring technique, as above.


At the end of the day, you should take the time consider wearing one of the most stylish wedding jackets. By doing so, you will be able to improve your aesthetics and make your wedding pictures even more special and memorable.

Wedding Invitations: How To Choose The Perfect Design


Wedding invitations are a big part of any wedding. Not only do they let your guests know that they are invited to your special day, but they also give your guest a sneak peak at what is to come. Wedding invitations can really set the mood for the wedding and this is why it is so important for you to make sure that you choose the right design to match your wedding theme. You will find that there will be many variations of invitations that you are going to have to choose from. Invitations can be rustic, simple, or unique, but it really just depends on what you are looking for. Below you will learn some information about wedding invitations and how to choose the right design for your special day.

Wedding Style

Before you even think about your invitations, you and your significant other are going to have to decide on a wedding theme and color scheme. There will be many choices that you will have to scour through, just remember that when it comes down to it, the decision is really yours, so pick something that is going to be special to you and your loved one.


After you have decided your theme and color palette, you now need to set a budget. Invitations can be expensive. This is especially true if you are going to be having a lot of guests at the wedding. You always have the option of creating your own invitations. You just need to purchase some cardstock and look for templates online. If you plan on making your invitations just make sure that you allow yourself enough time, because it may take longer to create these invitations than you think.

Professional Look

When you create your own wedding invitations, you want to make sure that they look, as if they were professionally done. One great way to do this is by utilizing the full-bleed technique. What this means is that you want your design to reach the edges of your paper. You can create this effect, by making sure that your design is slightly larger than the final size of your cardstock. After you are done printing, if you notice that your design is centered and does not reach the edges of your cardstock, you always have the option of trimming the edges with a pair of scissors. Just make sure that you utilize a ruler to get a good straight cut.

Test Run

Always make sure that you try out several different designs and give them a test run. You may find out that once your design is printed, it may not look the same as it did on your computer. The cardstock that you choose can play a major factor, in how the color is printed out in the end result.

When to Send
It is always a good idea to send your invitations at least 6 to 8 weeks, before the wedding is supposed to take place. This will give your guests at least a month to make their replies.


As you can see there are many things that you need to take into consideration, when it comes to wedding invitations. While creating your own invitations may save you some money, they may not just have the same effect, as professional designed invitations. Invitations play a huge part in the wedding, so you want to make sure that you have picked or created the perfect ones for the type of wedding that you are hosting.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas for Your Upcoming Wedding


During your wedding, you will want to make sure that your guests are able to leave a beautiful and heartfelt message for you. There is no better way to do this than by relying on an awesome wedding guest book! Although everyone knows what this item is, there are many differentials, which make choosing one for your wedding a tad bit difficult. Are you interested in taking an old fashioned approach to the situation? Or perhaps you would rather go with technology and incorporate a digital guest book into your wedding? Below, you will be able to find information that can help you decide!

The Importance of The Guest Book

First and foremost, it is essential to learn about the overall importance of the guest book. Most people understand the basics of this type of memorial, but they don’t understand how important it will actually become in the future! This item can be tremendously heartfelt and you will definitely want to read it time and again. It can help you remember you amazing wedding day and the people that spent it with you! In this sense, your wedding guest book is very similar to your high school year book! Be sure to go above and beyond to get the best guest book possible, because you will want to use it for many years to come!

Digital Guest Books

Although you should remember that you will have an assortment of different options available to you, many couples are going digital and utilizing a technologically advanced guest book! This can be extremely helpful and will actually give your guests the ability to leave as many messages as they wish. They’ll be able to use the guest book, before and after the wedding. So, how does it work?

Well, you’ll probably need to get yourself a nice wedding website first! Once you’ve got your website established, you will be able to add a guest book. Once this is done, your guests will be able to visit your website and leave a nice message, whenever they wish! Of course, if you’re going to take this route, you might want to consider upgrading to a paid website to ensure that it will be readily available for a significant period of time!

Video Guest Book

On the other hand, you might want to think about a video guest book. Although this one might be a little more costly, it can be tremendously awesome! Everyone loves being able to watch their wedding, which is why wedding videography has become so popular. In the same sense, you will want to consider hiring a videographer to work your wedding and put together a guest book for you! This will give everyone at your wedding the ability to speak about you and your partner. Suffice to say, you will find yourself watching the video for many years to come!

Traditional Guest Books

Finally, you will want to contemplate sticking with the traditional guest book. Although this might not be so high tech, it can still be very charming and memorable. It will give your guests the ability to leave you a nice message, which you can read time and again. This is also much less costly and will force your guests to use their creativity. Remember that this is an excellent choice, if you want to be able to pass the guest book down to your future children! This makes a better heirloom than the other items.

DIY Wedding Guest Books

Of course, it is entirely possible to take the traditional guest book and make it much more modern, with a little bit of effort. If this is something that speaks to you, you should think about designing and building your own guest book. The possibilities here will be entirely endless and you can even find templates online that will be able to help! It is possible to put all kinds of different pictures and displays on the front and back covers. Just be sure to leave enough room for your guests to write their messages and your book will be forever cherished and entirely personal.

Make a Place For It

After you’ve finally selected your guest book, you will need to make a place for it, at your wedding. Remember that this is only possible, if you decided to choose a physical guest book that your guests must sign in person. If this is the road you have taken, you will need to designate an area of your venue for your book! Make sure that this area is easily recognizable, since this will ensure that your guests do not forget to sign it, before they leave. It is also possible to pass the book around the room, during the reception. Each option is acceptable, as long as everyone gets an opportunity to leave his or her mark inside.


At the end of the day, you will want to take home items that will forever remind you of your wedding. There is no doubt that your wedding guest book will serve this purpose the best! Not only will it help you remember your wedding, but also it’ll give you the ability to remember all of the wonderful people that were there on that awesome day! Therefore, you should ensure that you have a suitable guest book for your upcoming wedding!

Wedding Gift Baskets: Benefits And Uses

Wedding gift baskets have become a very popular way for the bride and groom to show thanks and appreciate to their guests. These little baskets are charming and can adapt to every type of wedding theme that you could imagine. However, choosing the right gift basket can be overwhelming, because there are so many different ones to choose from. Below you will learn some tips that will help you choose the perfect gift basket for your special day.

Set a Budget

Gift baskets can arrange in a variety of prices. For instance, you might find a mini gift basket for fewer than thirty dollars, whereas the more lavish baskets can go up to two hundred dollars. If you do not set a budget, before you start looking for your gift baskets there is a good chance that you are going to spend more money than you anticipated. So sit down with your fiancée and figure out a ballpark figure on what you want to spend on gift baskets and look for baskets, within that price range. If you are shopping online, most websites will let you enter your price range. This will greatly help you, when it comes to finding a specific amount of baskets that fit your budget.

Consider Your Guests

When choosing a gift basket, it is imperative that you consider the person that you are giving the basket to. The basket you are giving should reflect the personality of the guest that you are giving it to. For instance, if your best friend is an avid golfer, then you might want to choose a golf themed basket. Your guest will just absolutely love this and be grateful. If you find yourself shopping for someone that you don’t really know, then you might want to make it a point to get to know his or her likes and dislikes first. By doing this you will be able to give them the perfect gift basket.

Choosing a Theme

Instead of choosing a wedding basket to fit every person’s likes or dislikes, you can choose a basket that matches the overall theme of your wedding. Sometimes it might not be feasible to get to know all of your guests. This will also make a great addition to your overall wedding decorations. Just create a neat little table to place all the baskets on and you will have added a nice touch to your wedding.

Safe Shopping Online

You will find that when you shop online, you will have lots of more choices to choose from and you can view all of your options in half the time from the comfort of your own home. However, when it comes to shopping online, you are at some risk of being scammed. If you are choosing to shop online, you want to make sure that you are buying from a reputable website. Before you enter any personal information into a website make sure you do some research and see what other shoppers have said about the website. You will find many reviews online that other customers have posted.

Wedding Halls Make the Perfect Venue


Are you currently working to plan your wedding? If so, you’re going to need a nice venue and you should definitely look at wedding halls! By exploring the local banquet halls in your area, it is highly likely that you’ll be able to find more than one that suits your budget. Of course, you should make sure that you take the time to explore the various elements and characteristics of the venue. Remember that it is imperative to ensure that it fits your wedding’s overall size and parameters. More information will be provided below to ensure that your wedding hall fits your wedding.

Set a Budget

First and foremost, you will want to set a budget. This shouldn’t take more than twenty or thirty minutes and it will prove to be extremely beneficial. Once you’ve gotten your budget, you will instantly be able to eliminate a number of different venues. Those that are outside of your budget can easily be stricken from your list. After this, you will have much fewer options to play around with. This will ultimately make the decision a little bit easier.

Form a Guest List

Next, you’re going to want to work to plan a guest list! How big or small do you want your guest list to be? Having a smaller guest list can actually be very beneficial and will help to save you money. Regardless of your choice, you should make sure that your guest list is put together before you begin exploring venues. By doing this, you will be able to determine, whether or not a specific venue will be able to fit your guests! It is vital that everyone has enough room to move around and dance. Therefore, you should always select a bigger venue to accommodate everyone.

Speak To The Venue Manager

After this, you will want to begin speaking with each of the managers of the venues! This can prove to be extremely beneficial and will give you the ability to learn quite a bit of information about the venue and their services. First and foremost, you will want to ask about their venue and whether or not any decorations or tables are included. Some of these venues will actually toss in chairs, tables, decorations and even centerpieces. This can be highly beneficial and should definitely be taken into consideration! Be sure to speak with a few different venue managers, before making a decision.

Setting a Date

When speaking to the managers of the venues, it is vital to ask them about their openings. Their calendar will be a vital aspect of your wedding, since it will ultimately help you set your wedding date. Make sure that you work alongside your significant other, when trying to make this vital decision. If one venue doesn’t have an opening on your day or choice, you should move on to one of the other wedding halls. With a little searching around, you will ultimately be able to find a hall, which has an availability on your day of choice!

Decorate It Beautifully

After you’ve taken the time to select one of the wedding halls in your area, you will need to begin purchasing decorations and working to decorate it beautifully. Remember that it is typically best to set a wedding theme, before moving forward. By doing this, you will have a much better idea of the items that will fit your wedding and your color scheme! Again, be sure to speak with the venue manager, because they might be able to help!


At the end of the day, there is a massive list of possible wedding venues to choose from. When searching through your local area, you will definitely want to consider checking out wedding halls, which may fit your guest list and budget! With the right decorations, these venues can be totally charming!

Wedding Shower Ideas and Tips for Success


During the lead up to your wedding, you will most certainly want to plan an awesome wedding shower. It is vital to rely on the most helpful wedding shower ideas, if you want your shower to be an absolute success. Of course, there are numerous things that could potentially go wrong. Aside from compiling a guest list and sending out invitations, there are other things to consider too. Within this guide, you will find assistance for planning your wedding shower.

Set a Budget

Whether or not you know it, your bridal shower can be just as expensive, as your wedding, if you’re not careful. Therefore, you will want to take the time to plan out a budget. With a budget, you will be able to ensure that you do not overspend. Instead, you will want to consider creating a much smaller wedding shower and spending more on your actual wedding. Of course, this is a personal decision that you will need to make on your own. Regardless, you should make sure to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend, before moving forward.

Create Invitations

Next, it is time to begin alerting your guests to your wedding shower! In order to do this, you’re going to need to send out invitations. Of course, you shouldn’t slap your name on a piece of paper and send them through the mail. Instead, you will want to spruce it up and add some creativity to your invitations. You should think about creating a cool template that will wow your guests, as soon as they look at the invite. Be sure that your invitations are going to grab the attention of your guests! Of course, all of the necessary information will need to be added. For instance, you should tell your guests about the date and location of this event.

Aside from this, you will also want to include an RSVP with the invite. This will help to ensure that you know exactly who is coming and who isn’t.

Considering Themes

After you’ve gotten the invitations, it is time to consider a theme for your wedding shower. Would you like to host a lingerie party for all of your best girl friends? Or perhaps you would rather host a delicious food themed party? There are plenty of different possibilities and you should choose the one that suits your fancy the best. Either way, you will want to make sure to include the theme inside of the invite. This will help to ensure that your guests are able to arrive with the items that they need!

Consider Party Favors

Remember that you should thank your guests for attending. In order to do this, you will want to consider supplying them with some nice party favors. Almost anything will work, as long as the item will be appreciated and loved by your guests. There are many different options to choose from. For instance, you should consider using edibles. There is no doubt that your girlfriends will absolutely love chocolates and other treats! Therefore, these items almost always work exceptionally well. On the other hand, you should consider gift bags and other items.

Consider Bridal Shower Games

After this, you will want to consider planning some games for your bridal shower. Think about putting together a bingo game, but relating it specifically to your wedding. It is possible to do this by replacing numbers with specific items that relate to the soon to be married couple. On the other hand, it can be fun to have a treasure hunt through each of the female guest’s purses. Do you think you can guess what they carry around with them every day? Each of these games can work exceptionally well for your upcoming bridal shower.

Hot Chocolate and Donuts

If your wedding shower is going to be scheduled, during the fall and winter months, you should definitely serve your guests hot chocolate and donuts. If you choose to use these food and beverage items, you should consider designing the donut icing to match the color of your hot chocolate cups. This will make the colors uniformed and add a little pleasantry to your display. Do not forget about the marshmallows and whipped cream, because everyone loves them.

Match the napery and plates, as well. This is a fun little celebration that will get everyone is the perfect mood. Sit large floating candle centerpieces on the table, so that everything looks beautiful and elegant. Just use your imagination and you will definitely please your entire guest list.

Self-Serve Buffet

Most couples opt out on a large dinner for their wedding shower. Instead, they take advantage of the self-serve buffet. This will include an array of desserts including pastries, sandwiches, and chocolate covered apples. Make sure that you purchase pedestal cake stands for these foods, so you can create the most unique display. It is crucial that you make everything look balanced, by using the same colored icing, bows, toppings, and toppers. You want to make your foods to look inviting and tempting, so no one will be able to refuse them.


At the end of the day, you should make sure that your bridal shower is just as spectacular and memorable as your wedding. In order to do this, you will want to make sure to rely on the awesome bridal shower ideas mentioned above. By finding the best ideas for your own specific preferences, you will be able to pull off a bridal shower that will wow all of your guests!

Wedding Destinations: Tips And Suggestions

When planning a destination wedding, you will find that you have many wedding destinations to choose from. Keep in mind that all destination weddings are not created equal, so trying to find the perfect spot for your special day can be the first big challenge you have to overcome. When planning a destination wedding there are many things that you have to take into consideration. Below you will find some tips that will help you pick a destination to suit all of your needs.


Planning a wedding is expensive. A destination wedding can even be more expensive, because not only do you have the traditional costs, but you are also going to have the travel costs to consider. You also need to consider how many of your guests are going to be able to foot the bill for the trip. Before you get your heart set on a destination wedding, you need to sit down with your significant other and plan around all of these things.


Have you ever heard the saying, “The farther you travel, the fewer will follow?” This means that some of your guests might not be willing to travel long distances, to arrive at your wedding. Also keep in mind that some smaller islands only charter a few flights in and out each day or maybe even weeks at a time. This is something that you are going to have to plan for way ahead of time.


You should know that each country has different legal requirements that you must meet, before you are declared legal to get married. Some countries may require that you live in the country for a number of days, before you are able to tie the knot. This is also something that you are going to have to consider before you even start planning your wedding. You should be able to find this information online or you might be able to make a phone call and speak with a local wedding coordinator.

Time of Year

Another important factor to consider is the time of year that you are going to get married. Some islands have what are known as monsoon seasons, which means there is going to be a lot of rain and storms. Of course, this might not make a difference, if you are going to be having an indoor event, but it could pose problems for an outdoor event. When the island is not having monsoon season, the weather will be great which means that is it probably going to be tourist season. Hotels and airlines are going to be charging more during this time of year and there are going to be fewer vacancies, so it is probably a good idea to book all of the accommodations in advance.

Visit the Destination

It is always a great idea to visit the wedding destination at least one time, before the wedding. This will give you a chance to see everything in person. You may even be able to book a venue or a photographer, while you are there.


As you can see there is lots of planning involved in choosing a wedding destination, but as long as you plan ahead of time, you will be okay. Make sure that you choose some place that really brings out your personality.

Plus Sized Wedding Gowns Buying Guide and Tips


There are many different factors that need to be squared away, when planning a wedding. There is no doubt that plus sized wedding gowns will be near the top of your list. With this in mind, it is vital to take the time to explore the various styles of gowns that are specifically designed for plus sized women. After this, you will need to consider how much money you can spend and exactly what you want. By doing this, you will be able to find the perfect gown for your upcoming wedding. Within this guide, you will be able to discover everything you need to know about choosing one of the various plus sized wedding gowns.

Get Measured

First and foremost, you will need to take the time to get measured. Unless you do this, there is a possibility that you will choose a gown that doesn’t fit you! In order to get measured, you will need to visit a professional seamstress. This individual will have plenty of experience and will be able to get the job completed within a matter of minutes. Once you’ve gotten the precise measurements, you will be able to begin exploring the various gowns that match you perfectly. In the same sense, you can also use the measurements to have a gown customized to your specific size.

Set a Budget

There is no doubt that you want to have the most beautiful and lavish wedding gown imaginable. Of course, this comes with a few complications. First and foremost, you’ll need to pay more, in order to get one that is exceptional. Still, it is possible to find some beautiful dresses for cheaper prices too. Therefore, it is essential to set a budget for your dress. How much do you really want to spend? Remember that spending more might take away from other aspects of your wedding.

Invite People With You

When you head to the gown shop to try on your dresses, it is vital to invite some individuals with you. Of course, it is essential to select the right people! Remember that some people will tell you that you look great in everything, while others might be a little too picky. You know your friends and family members better than anyone. Therefore, you will want to choose people that are unbiased and able to make reliable decisions.

Taking Photos

While all women that try on wedding gowns can visibly see their front and how the dress fits and forms to their body, they struggle to actually see the back. The best way to achieve this visibility is by having someone to take some photos of you wearing the dress. If you do this, you should make sure to get snaps from all angles, this way you will definitely know if the dress is right for your body shape, size, and style.

Before you head to the bridal shop, be sure to grab your camera and take it with you. This is the best opportunity for you to try on several gowns and make comparisons later own, by viewing the results that were captured on photo.


Many brides will be interested in choosing plus sized wedding gowns that are strapless. Is this something that speaks to you? If this is the case, you shouldn’t purchase a strapless dress right away. Instead, you sure make sure that you’re actually going to feel comfortable in this type of dress. If you don’t normally wear strapless dresses, you might not feel entirely comfort in it.

Consider Pre-Owned

When people think of pre-owned and used items, they usually frown upon the idea, but this shouldn’t the case. Instead, you should embrace these types of gowns, because they can actually be very awesome! In fact, you can benefit tremendously by purchasing a gown that has already been worn. Think about the wedding gown. It is highly likely that this item will only be worn one or twice. Therefore, you can almost guarantee that even used gowns will still be in excellent shape! Overall, they’re at least worth checking out!

Order Early

If you’re planning on ordering a dress or having one custom made, it is vital to make sure that you order, as early as possible! This isn’t only helpful for you, but also it’ll give the seamstress more time to work. Therefore, you will most certainly be able to receive a discount. Why is this the case? Well, these professional dressmakers will usually charge extra, if you wait and order later. It is best to order, at least 6 months, before your wedding.

A-Line Shape

The A-line designed gown is perfect for a plus size bride. The top is narrow, but it extends out along the body and down to the hem. This is the best design for all body shapes, because the body flares out and will not form to your torso or abdominal area. Just because you are a plus size woman does not mean that you should sacrifice on fashion and elegance, with the A-line shaped wedding gown, you will look super flattering and stunning.

Sleeves or Sleeveless

While sleeveless wedding gowns are more popular, you should do a bit of soul searching, before you decide to buy one. These designs are more suitable for petite sized brides, because they do not have any excess skin hanging down from their arms or upper back. If you want to look your best, you should avoid the sleeveless dress design.


Always take a family member or your bridesmaids with you, when you go wedding gown shopping. Keep an open mind and allow everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion about every gown that you try on, because no one knows you better than they do.

Unique Wedding Favors Can Be Gorgeous and Extraordinary

Are you currently planning your big day and looking for wedding favors? If this is the type of situation that you’re facing, you should think about using unique wedding favors! With a unique favor, you will be able to guarantee that your guests will be totally surprised, when they get their hands on your item of choice. At the same time, the favor will be entirely original, beautiful and effective. What should you use? Below, you will find some excellent examples!

Consider a Personalized Flash Drive

If you’re interested in incorporating technology into your wedding favor, you’ll want to consider supplying your guests with an excellent and handy flash drive! In today’s society, nearly everyone is tech savvy and most individuals can actually put this item to good use. Of course, you can take it one step further and personalize it. Obviously, you’ll be able to add a tag or piece of ribbon to the exterior of the drive to make it much more attractive.

On the other hand, you should think about adding files to the drive itself. Being able to do this means that you’ll be able to give your guests videos, pictures and music! Giving them pictures that were taken by the wedding photographer is a great idea. The same can be said for the videos! The flash drive will ultimately be very handy and will help them to remember the great time they had at your wedding.

Pies and Cookies

Do you consider yourself to be good in the kitchen? If you do, you should consider creating your own favors! Since you’ll be taking complete control and providing all of the ingredients and your own recipe, these will undoubtedly be some of the best unique wedding favors. Of course, this one can be a little time consuming to put together. Make sure that you have the time to dedicate to it, before venturing forward.

Once you’ve cooked a bunch of miniature pies or a lot of cookies, you’ll want to make sure that they’re properly packaged. You can wrap them up in Saran wrap or some other type of plastic covering. Once this is done, you can add a bowl or ribbon to the top. If you’ve decided to take the pie route, you’ll want to consider adding a small throwaway fork to the arrangement! There is no way that your guests will be able to turn away from your perfectly cooked and perfectly packaged treats!


Again, if you’re skilled with the oven, you’ll want to consider creating some delicious granola candies! There are many possibilities here and you can even toss together a few ingredients and create your own concoction. Make sure that you create a few different varieties, since you’ll want to give everyone something that they’ll be able to enjoy. Once finished, you should wrap the treat or place it in a nice mason jar. Be sure to decorate the exterior and you’re finished.

Fondant Cupcake Favor

Fondant is an edible food item that can be utilized to create virtually any animal, floral, bow, or fictional character. You will need to start this DIY favor project, by gathering your supplies.

• Cupcake Mixture
• Large Cupcake Liners
• Ready-To-Use Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow Fondant
• White Creamy Frosting
• 2.5” Cookie Cutter
• Honey
Start by mixing and baking the cupcakes, per the package instructions. While they are baking, you will need to go ahead and roll out the fondant. Use the round cookie cutter to cut out the round circular bottom, be sure to stick with the same coloring sequence, so go ahead and cut out how many you need to supply your guests with one cupcake each.

Roll out a 10” L x 1/8” thick rope, be sure to choose a different color fondant. You will need just as many of these, as the bottom count. Continue this process, until you have used all of the colors, and then it will be time to start assembling your rainbow cupcake holder.

Place the round bottom on a glass platter, put honey on the edges, so the next layer or rope will stick to it. You will continue this process, by stacking the ropes on top of each other, until each color has been utilized one time each.

You will now be ready to remove the cupcakes from the liners, place them into the rainbow cupcake holder, but be sure to press the fondant securely against the cupcake, so there are no empty spaces.

Fill the top of the cupcake with the white frosting and you will have completed your beautiful rainbow fondant cupcakes. You can purchase a bundle of cupcake boxes with the inserts from the pastry supply shop at an affordable price, so you can neatly give them to your guest, as wedding favors.

Chocolate Spoon

A chocolate spoon is a wedding favor that will not go to waste. Below you are going to find a list of things that you need to create a chocolate spoon.

· Bakers chocolate
· Plastic spoons
· Candy bags
· Ribbons
· Cookie sheets
· Wax paper
The first thing you want to do is microwave the chocolate in a container. Be careful not to overcook it. After you have done this you will want to dip the entire plastic spoon into the chocolate. Next simply place the chocolate spoon onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. You then want to place the spoon into the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. Once the chocolate is set, you can place it in a candy bag and tie it with a nice ribbon.

These delicious little treats go great with your morning coffee.

Cocoa on a Stick

Everyone enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, especially during the wintertime. Cocoa can make a great wedding favor for anytime of the year, however, it does work better for a winter wedding. If you want to take your cocoa to the next level, then you could give your guests cocoa on a stick and they will really be surprised.

Scratch Tickets

Just about everyone loves playing scratch off lottery tickets. Scratch tickets make a truly unique wedding favor. This is something that all of your guests are going to enjoy and who knows one of your guests may hit the big time. You can put each ticket in a personalized envelope. Do not forget to include a penny, so that your guests will have something to scratch off their ticket. The best thing about these tickets is that you can buy them for around a dollar a piece.


When attempting to choose some unique wedding favors, there is truthfully no right or wrong way to do it! As long as they’re unique, original and feel right to you, they’ll work perfectly. With this in mind, you will want to use the examples above to help guide you in the right direction. By doing this, you will be able to find the right choice that will ensure success!

Wedding Reception Ideas And Tips On DIY Projects

Amid planning a formal event, you will need to rely on wedding reception ideas. Of course, you can also rely on your friends to provide you with some great tips, as well. It is never simple or cheap to plan a large wedding or a small one for that matter and that is why you will require all the help that you can get. Take the time to continue reading this article, so that you will be introduced to some great wedding reception ideas and tips.

Reception Meal

The reception meal is almost as important as the wedding ceremony, but not quite, but fairly close. You will need to select the meal style that suits your budget. Of course, planning a reception meal is never easy or cheap, so you will need to take the time to select the perfect menu. There are several different options that you will need to select from including:

• Sit-Down Dinner
• Buffet
• Family Style
• Food Stations
• Potluck Dinner
You should sit down with the catering service and get a price quote for each meal service, before you actually make your final selection. This will allow you to see which reception meal is suitable for your budget and guest list. If you have a long guest list, you may be better off going with the buffet style reception meal, because it will be much more affordable.

Reception Lounge

It is always a great idea to arrange a reception lounge for your guests. This will be a special place for your guests to get away from the large crowd. Surely the reception hall will have an extra room that you can transform into a lounge. Remember the room does not need to be extremely large, because it is just a quiet place for several guests to escape. Include a small sofa, chairs, and a sofa table, so that the area will look and feel homey. Make sure that you place a centerpiece on the table, because you want the area to be enveloped into your wedding ceremony.

Reception Ushers

Of course, you will need a seating chart, but why not utilize reception ushers? These individuals can be family members or groomsmen, if you can encourage them to assist you with this courtesy. When the guests arrive to the reception hall, the ushers will politely escort them to their tables. This will not only cut down on the seating confusion, but it will also keep the event extremely organized, so that you can focus on more important matters, such as cutting the cake.

Reception Transportation

Most couples choose to have their reception in a facility that is a few miles away from the wedding venue, which means that you are going to be forced to provide your guests with transportation. There are many ways that you can pull this off, but again you will need to factor in the wedding budget. Always rely on the wedding reception ideas that you collected from your friends, because they will surely come in handy, amidst the planning process.

• Limo Service
• Trolley Rentals
• Charter Bus Rentals
• Classic Car Transport
• Personal Vehicles
If you set your mind to it, you will successfully get everyone to the reception hall, without a hitch.


Do you and your significant other have a special cocktail or alcoholic beverage that you enjoy? If so, you can always offer these to your guests, before the reception meal. For those guests that prefer not to consume alcohol, you can serve them virgin beverages or eliminate the alcohol content. This will be a great way to toast your special day and provide your guests with a delicious tasting treat.

Wedding Favors

It is vital to treat your guests with a special wedding favor. You will find thousands of DIY tips online, if you choose to go this route. You will want to place these on the reception tables, so that everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy their favor, before or after the meal is complete. Make sure that you personalize the wedding favors, by sealing them with a personalized sticker or tag, which should include the couple’s name and wedding date.

• Small Jars of Honey or Molasses
• Mini Wine Bottles
• Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples
• Chocolate Chip Muffins
• Burlap Bags of Tea/Coffee
• Bride and Groom Decorated Sugar Cookies
These little treats will definitely be a delightful wedding favor idea, so make sure that you place them on the table, before the guests arrive. If the weather is extremely hot, you may want to avoid using foods that will melt quickly.

Free Standing Flower Station

Everyone should be decked out for your special wedding and that is why you should consider setting up a free standing flower station. Your guests will be able to select a flower and create their very own corsage or boutonniere. Of course, you may want to delegate the task of pinning them onto the guest’s attire. Surely someone will be more than happy to take on this task, because it will give them an opportunity to meet and greet everyone in attendance. Supply the station with roses, daisies, or carnations, but do not forget the pins and ribbons.

Gift Baskets

If you want to offer your guests a token of appreciation, you should consider setting out gift baskets. These baskets should be filled with goodies, but make sure they are all the same, because you do not want your guests standing over top of them for any period of time. Everyone will want to select a treat and you will definitely want the line to move along smoothly.

• Personalized Bag of Seeds
• Small Rolls of Mints
• Bags of Carmel Popcorn
• Chocolate Candy Bars
• Lollipops
Make sure that you personalize them with stickers, so that you guests will think of you, while they are munching down on their delicious treat.

Child Place Mats

Wedding reception ideas will definitely help you transform your reception into a special play time for the small children in attendance. It is important to supply the kiddos with crafty items to keep them entertained, during the reception. A great way to do that is with child place mats. You can actually create these, by printing off some pictures from a coloring book. Fill cowboy hats or cigar boxes with crayons, so they will have something to doodle with. This fun little task will keep the small children occupied for quite some time. Make sure to keep several extras on hand, because some children are a little more difficult to keep entertained and occupied.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can always supply them with bottles of bubbles. This will definitely be a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.


It is your wedding, so you should enjoy it. Never get so engrossed in trying to keep everyone happy and entertained, because it would be an impossible task. Allow your guests the freedom to mingle and walk around, so they can introduce themselves to others. You focus on your beautiful ceremony and new bride or groom.