Unique Wedding Favors Can Be Gorgeous and Extraordinary

Are you currently planning your big day and looking for wedding favors? If this is the type of situation that you’re facing, you should think about using unique wedding favors! With a unique favor, you will be able to guarantee that your guests will be totally surprised, when they get their hands on your item of choice. At the same time, the favor will be entirely original, beautiful and effective. What should you use? Below, you will find some excellent examples!

Consider a Personalized Flash Drive

If you’re interested in incorporating technology into your wedding favor, you’ll want to consider supplying your guests with an excellent and handy flash drive! In today’s society, nearly everyone is tech savvy and most individuals can actually put this item to good use. Of course, you can take it one step further and personalize it. Obviously, you’ll be able to add a tag or piece of ribbon to the exterior of the drive to make it much more attractive.

On the other hand, you should think about adding files to the drive itself. Being able to do this means that you’ll be able to give your guests videos, pictures and music! Giving them pictures that were taken by the wedding photographer is a great idea. The same can be said for the videos! The flash drive will ultimately be very handy and will help them to remember the great time they had at your wedding.

Pies and Cookies

Do you consider yourself to be good in the kitchen? If you do, you should consider creating your own favors! Since you’ll be taking complete control and providing all of the ingredients and your own recipe, these will undoubtedly be some of the best unique wedding favors. Of course, this one can be a little time consuming to put together. Make sure that you have the time to dedicate to it, before venturing forward.

Once you’ve cooked a bunch of miniature pies or a lot of cookies, you’ll want to make sure that they’re properly packaged. You can wrap them up in Saran wrap or some other type of plastic covering. Once this is done, you can add a bowl or ribbon to the top. If you’ve decided to take the pie route, you’ll want to consider adding a small throwaway fork to the arrangement! There is no way that your guests will be able to turn away from your perfectly cooked and perfectly packaged treats!


Again, if you’re skilled with the oven, you’ll want to consider creating some delicious granola candies! There are many possibilities here and you can even toss together a few ingredients and create your own concoction. Make sure that you create a few different varieties, since you’ll want to give everyone something that they’ll be able to enjoy. Once finished, you should wrap the treat or place it in a nice mason jar. Be sure to decorate the exterior and you’re finished.

Fondant Cupcake Favor

Fondant is an edible food item that can be utilized to create virtually any animal, floral, bow, or fictional character. You will need to start this DIY favor project, by gathering your supplies.

• Cupcake Mixture
• Large Cupcake Liners
• Ready-To-Use Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow Fondant
• White Creamy Frosting
• 2.5” Cookie Cutter
• Honey
Start by mixing and baking the cupcakes, per the package instructions. While they are baking, you will need to go ahead and roll out the fondant. Use the round cookie cutter to cut out the round circular bottom, be sure to stick with the same coloring sequence, so go ahead and cut out how many you need to supply your guests with one cupcake each.

Roll out a 10” L x 1/8” thick rope, be sure to choose a different color fondant. You will need just as many of these, as the bottom count. Continue this process, until you have used all of the colors, and then it will be time to start assembling your rainbow cupcake holder.

Place the round bottom on a glass platter, put honey on the edges, so the next layer or rope will stick to it. You will continue this process, by stacking the ropes on top of each other, until each color has been utilized one time each.

You will now be ready to remove the cupcakes from the liners, place them into the rainbow cupcake holder, but be sure to press the fondant securely against the cupcake, so there are no empty spaces.

Fill the top of the cupcake with the white frosting and you will have completed your beautiful rainbow fondant cupcakes. You can purchase a bundle of cupcake boxes with the inserts from the pastry supply shop at an affordable price, so you can neatly give them to your guest, as wedding favors.

Chocolate Spoon

A chocolate spoon is a wedding favor that will not go to waste. Below you are going to find a list of things that you need to create a chocolate spoon.

· Bakers chocolate
· Plastic spoons
· Candy bags
· Ribbons
· Cookie sheets
· Wax paper
The first thing you want to do is microwave the chocolate in a container. Be careful not to overcook it. After you have done this you will want to dip the entire plastic spoon into the chocolate. Next simply place the chocolate spoon onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. You then want to place the spoon into the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. Once the chocolate is set, you can place it in a candy bag and tie it with a nice ribbon.

These delicious little treats go great with your morning coffee.

Cocoa on a Stick

Everyone enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, especially during the wintertime. Cocoa can make a great wedding favor for anytime of the year, however, it does work better for a winter wedding. If you want to take your cocoa to the next level, then you could give your guests cocoa on a stick and they will really be surprised.

Scratch Tickets

Just about everyone loves playing scratch off lottery tickets. Scratch tickets make a truly unique wedding favor. This is something that all of your guests are going to enjoy and who knows one of your guests may hit the big time. You can put each ticket in a personalized envelope. Do not forget to include a penny, so that your guests will have something to scratch off their ticket. The best thing about these tickets is that you can buy them for around a dollar a piece.


When attempting to choose some unique wedding favors, there is truthfully no right or wrong way to do it! As long as they’re unique, original and feel right to you, they’ll work perfectly. With this in mind, you will want to use the examples above to help guide you in the right direction. By doing this, you will be able to find the right choice that will ensure success!

Wedding Reception Ideas And Tips On DIY Projects

Amid planning a formal event, you will need to rely on wedding reception ideas. Of course, you can also rely on your friends to provide you with some great tips, as well. It is never simple or cheap to plan a large wedding or a small one for that matter and that is why you will require all the help that you can get. Take the time to continue reading this article, so that you will be introduced to some great wedding reception ideas and tips.

Reception Meal

The reception meal is almost as important as the wedding ceremony, but not quite, but fairly close. You will need to select the meal style that suits your budget. Of course, planning a reception meal is never easy or cheap, so you will need to take the time to select the perfect menu. There are several different options that you will need to select from including:

• Sit-Down Dinner
• Buffet
• Family Style
• Food Stations
• Potluck Dinner
You should sit down with the catering service and get a price quote for each meal service, before you actually make your final selection. This will allow you to see which reception meal is suitable for your budget and guest list. If you have a long guest list, you may be better off going with the buffet style reception meal, because it will be much more affordable.

Reception Lounge

It is always a great idea to arrange a reception lounge for your guests. This will be a special place for your guests to get away from the large crowd. Surely the reception hall will have an extra room that you can transform into a lounge. Remember the room does not need to be extremely large, because it is just a quiet place for several guests to escape. Include a small sofa, chairs, and a sofa table, so that the area will look and feel homey. Make sure that you place a centerpiece on the table, because you want the area to be enveloped into your wedding ceremony.

Reception Ushers

Of course, you will need a seating chart, but why not utilize reception ushers? These individuals can be family members or groomsmen, if you can encourage them to assist you with this courtesy. When the guests arrive to the reception hall, the ushers will politely escort them to their tables. This will not only cut down on the seating confusion, but it will also keep the event extremely organized, so that you can focus on more important matters, such as cutting the cake.

Reception Transportation

Most couples choose to have their reception in a facility that is a few miles away from the wedding venue, which means that you are going to be forced to provide your guests with transportation. There are many ways that you can pull this off, but again you will need to factor in the wedding budget. Always rely on the wedding reception ideas that you collected from your friends, because they will surely come in handy, amidst the planning process.

• Limo Service
• Trolley Rentals
• Charter Bus Rentals
• Classic Car Transport
• Personal Vehicles
If you set your mind to it, you will successfully get everyone to the reception hall, without a hitch.


Do you and your significant other have a special cocktail or alcoholic beverage that you enjoy? If so, you can always offer these to your guests, before the reception meal. For those guests that prefer not to consume alcohol, you can serve them virgin beverages or eliminate the alcohol content. This will be a great way to toast your special day and provide your guests with a delicious tasting treat.

Wedding Favors

It is vital to treat your guests with a special wedding favor. You will find thousands of DIY tips online, if you choose to go this route. You will want to place these on the reception tables, so that everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy their favor, before or after the meal is complete. Make sure that you personalize the wedding favors, by sealing them with a personalized sticker or tag, which should include the couple’s name and wedding date.

• Small Jars of Honey or Molasses
• Mini Wine Bottles
• Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples
• Chocolate Chip Muffins
• Burlap Bags of Tea/Coffee
• Bride and Groom Decorated Sugar Cookies
These little treats will definitely be a delightful wedding favor idea, so make sure that you place them on the table, before the guests arrive. If the weather is extremely hot, you may want to avoid using foods that will melt quickly.

Free Standing Flower Station

Everyone should be decked out for your special wedding and that is why you should consider setting up a free standing flower station. Your guests will be able to select a flower and create their very own corsage or boutonniere. Of course, you may want to delegate the task of pinning them onto the guest’s attire. Surely someone will be more than happy to take on this task, because it will give them an opportunity to meet and greet everyone in attendance. Supply the station with roses, daisies, or carnations, but do not forget the pins and ribbons.

Gift Baskets

If you want to offer your guests a token of appreciation, you should consider setting out gift baskets. These baskets should be filled with goodies, but make sure they are all the same, because you do not want your guests standing over top of them for any period of time. Everyone will want to select a treat and you will definitely want the line to move along smoothly.

• Personalized Bag of Seeds
• Small Rolls of Mints
• Bags of Carmel Popcorn
• Chocolate Candy Bars
• Lollipops
Make sure that you personalize them with stickers, so that you guests will think of you, while they are munching down on their delicious treat.

Child Place Mats

Wedding reception ideas will definitely help you transform your reception into a special play time for the small children in attendance. It is important to supply the kiddos with crafty items to keep them entertained, during the reception. A great way to do that is with child place mats. You can actually create these, by printing off some pictures from a coloring book. Fill cowboy hats or cigar boxes with crayons, so they will have something to doodle with. This fun little task will keep the small children occupied for quite some time. Make sure to keep several extras on hand, because some children are a little more difficult to keep entertained and occupied.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can always supply them with bottles of bubbles. This will definitely be a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.


It is your wedding, so you should enjoy it. Never get so engrossed in trying to keep everyone happy and entertained, because it would be an impossible task. Allow your guests the freedom to mingle and walk around, so they can introduce themselves to others. You focus on your beautiful ceremony and new bride or groom.

Votive Candle Holders: Centerpieces and Favors

Votive candle holders will make the perfect centerpieces and favors for your wedding. Of course, you will have to do a bit of work to create a display that will stick out above the rest, but with a little help from your bridesmaids and family, you will be well on your way to celebrating that special day that will change your entire life for the better. Below you will discover how votive candle holders can be incorporated into your wedding.

About Votive Candles and Holders

Although many people do not know it, votive candles are actually a very specific type of candle. They’re typically very small and round. Throughout the years, these candles have been used for a variety of different purposes and are often used for prayer reasons. Of course, they’re entirely romantic and charming, which makes them outstanding for weddings. With all of this in mind, the votive candle holders are candle holders, which are specifically designed for these candles. They’re the perfect size and fit the candles to perfection.

Basic Parameters

Although you should know that the holders can be different and unique, it is essential to know the basic parameters of the votive candle. By knowing this information you will be able to choose the right holders that will fit these candles perfectly. As mentioned above, these candles are typically very small. They’re also usually round and short. Although most of them will be white in color, they’re also available in yellow. One of the biggest benefits of these candles is the fact that they can burn for a significantly long period of time. Some have 10 hour burn times, which will last through the duration of your wedding.

They’re also very cheap. They can be purchased in bulk, with thirty or more being available for under ten dollars. Although they’re typically very safe, the votive candle holder will keep the wax contained. The holder is definitely a requirement, if you’re worried about safety.

Lighting The Runway

When it really comes down to it, there are innumerable ways to use your candles. You can use them to beautify and you can use them to light up your venue. Of course, it is also possible to accomplish both tasks, with the candles and holders. Many couples want to ensure that their wedding’s entryway is lit up. By lighting up the walkway and making it bright and beautiful, the guests will feel important and special, when they make their way inside!

The process is actually very easy. All you need to do is take the time to put a bunch of these candles into the holders. Once you have done this, the candle combinations can be placed along the walkway. When the wedding begins to approach, you will be able to light the candles. This will create the desired effect and will make sure that your guests can see in the dark, if you’re hosting a nighttime wedding.

Use a Floating Candle

If you’re interested in creating a cool, but simple, display that will work perfectly for decorating your tables, you’ll want to consider creating some floating candle decorations. With your votive candle holders, you will be able to create a large number of these decorations easily. You’ve already got the holders and purchasing some floating tea light candles shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive.

Once you’ve got your hands on the candles, you’ll want to fill up the holders with a tad bit of water. Finally, you can put the candles near the top and light them! These nifty little decorations can be used to decorate tables throughout your venue.

Bling, Bling

Do you like the glimmer of bling? If so, why not incorporate the silver or gold diamond mesh wrap into your wedding centerpieces. This wonderful fabric comes in a 2” or 4” wide roll, so you can purchase 10 yards at an inexpensive price.

Now what to do with the mesh, you can simply glue it onto your votive candle holders. This is a simple task that can be completed within a matter of minutes. Measure the diameter of the candles and cut the mesh to that exact measurement. Warm up your glue gun and have it prepared for the next step.

Once the glue gun has reached its maximum temperature, you will squeeze the glue onto the back of the diamond mesh fabric and then wrap it around the votive candle holders. Now you have completed the process of developing your very own bling, bling votive candle holders. Just place your votive candle into the holder and light it. This will transform the atmosphere into a very romantic setting.

Glitter Votive Candle holders

Votive candleholders are utilized in many different ways, when it comes to wedding. They are unique, fun, and fairly cheap and this is probably why they are a favorite décor for many couples. If you really want to spice up your votive candleholders, then you should consider covering them in glitter. This is a fun little DIY project that is cost effective and can do completed, within a matter of minutes. Below you are going to learn a little bit more about this project. Here is a list of supplies that you are going to need.

• Glass votive candle holders
• Micro beads (These are little tiny glass beads that don’t have any holes in them.) You can also use glitter, instead, if you have difficulty finding micro beads.
• Mod Podge (This is going to be your glue.)
• Foam craft paint brush
• A container to mix your glitter and glue
• A wooden stir stick

The first thing you want to do is pour some glue into your container. The amount of glue that you use will really depend on how many votive candle holders you plan on decorating. You will now begin to pour in your micro beads. You do not want to put in the same amount of micro beads as glue. Instead only put in about half the amount of micro beads. For instance, if you use two tablespoons of glue, you want to use one tablespoon of micro beads.

Once you have your micro beads and glue in the container, you are now ready to do some stirring, Stir the combination for about a minute or two. You are now ready to paint the glue onto the votive candleholders. One good way to do this is by placing the cup on the tip your fingers. This way you will be able to rotate the cup, as needed, without making a mess. When applying the micro bead and glue combination try to avoid pushing down to hard with the foam brush, because it can cause the beads to travel to one side of the holder. It is also a good idea to make a dabbing motion with the brush to cover up any unwanted brush strokes. Now you just need to let the holder dry, which may take 30-45 minute tops.

Your project is now complete. Always remember that you have the option of using glitter and micro beads together, in any combination. You can also use different colored glitter and micro beads. The choices are unlimited and they are yours.

Votive Arrangements on Your Tables

Votive candles can be great for all occasions, but they work especially great for weddings. You really do not even have to decorate the candle holders at all, because they will do fine on their own. With that being said there are some arrangements that you might want to take into consideration, when placing them on your tables.

When decorating tables with votive candle holders, it always makes for a unique look, if you stagger the sizes of the candle holders. For instance, have a tall one, followed by a medium sized one, and then a smaller one. By doing this they almost look like a set of stairs.

It is also always a good idea to play around with the number of candle holders that you place on each table. For some reason odd numbers seem to work best. So when placing votive candle holders on tables try to arrange them in numbers like three, five, or seven.

When it comes down to it, this is your special day and the arrangement combinations are limitless and it is ultimately up to you.


All brides and grooms want their weddings to be absolutely beautiful, memorable and unique. There are many different decorative items that can help to make this happen! Be sure to contemplate the use of votive candle holders. They’re affordable, beautiful and will work perfectly for these purposes. Therefore, all couples should take the time to consider using these wonderful decorative items, as a way to add a little more beauty to their upcoming weddings.

Cheap Wedding Decorations: Where to Buy and Why

During the planning process of your upcoming wedding, you can benefit greatly by using cheap wedding decorations! Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality or less beautiful! With this in mind, you will definitely want to attempt to save money in any way possible, while planning your wedding. Although you shouldn’t be afraid to splurge, you can always save money in some areas and use it to spend more in others! Within this guide, you will be able to discover a wealth of information regarding purchasing and using cheap wedding decorations for your upcoming wedding.

Basic Tips for Finding Cheap Decorations

When attempting to purchase cheap decorations, you should remember that shopping in a less expensive manner will usually limit you in one way or another. Sometimes, this will mean that you will not be able to find a sufficient amount of a particular decoration. Other times, you will have difficulty trying to find a wide selection of items. Below, you will find basic tips for shopping cheaply, but getting exactly what you want!

• Shop Online – It is always a good idea to shop online, when you want cheap items! When you head to online stores, you are able to explore stores throughout the country. Although you might have to pay a little for shipping, you will usually be able to find a cheaper price tag that will make it worthwhile.
• Shop Wholesale – Shopping wholesale is always a viable option. Of course, you should realize the limitations of shopping in this manner. Typically, you will face a smaller collection and fewer selections at wholesale stores. Still, the prices will be friendlier, which is exactly what you’re after.
• Discounts – There are a variety of stores that offer discounts throughout the years. If you were smart enough to plan early, you will have time to take full advantage of these deals. Although the discounts might not be for the specific items that you’re interested in, it is still sometimes worth it, if you’re willing to buy different items.
• Buy Used – There is no possible way to purchase everything you need used. Still, you shouldn’t be afraid to shop for used items! By scouring through used items, you will be able to find cheap wedding decorations and you might even come across something unique that you never considered before! Just be sure to look over the item careful to ensure that it is in good shape.

With the information above, you’ve learned about the different tips that should be used, when trying to purchase cheap wedding decorations. These tricks can ensure that you know where to shop and what to expect.

Silk Flowers

If you are on a strict wedding budget, you will be trying to plan a beautiful wedding using inexpensive décor. This does not mean that you should sacrifice the appearance of your wedding venue, but only that you will need to find and purchase cheap wedding supplies. Silk flowers are a great alternative to live flowers and they are much more affordable.

With today’s technology, many silk flower manufacturers are able to develop products that replicate live flowers, in a much better fashion. As a matter of fact some of them appear to be real and the only way to tell the difference is to feel of the petals and leaves.

Another great thing about silk flowers is you will never have to worry about them wilting, during your event, which is a huge problem with live flowers. There are an abundance of silk flowers that you can select from including:

• Calla Lilies
• Tea Roses
• Orchids
• Peonies
• Daisies
They are also innumerable colors available, so you will have no problem finding something that will fit into your color scheme. You can utilize the silk flowers for your centerpieces, décor, corsages, and boutonnières.

Clear Glass Vases

Clear glass vases can be very inexpensive and you can purchase them, as a bulk item, so you can save even more money. These vases can be incorporated into your wedding centerpieces and décor, plus you can give them away, as wedding favors. You can easily decorate them with silver or gold rhinestone, burlap, and lace wrap very easily. Just imagine how much money you can save, by decorating your own clear glasses vases. There are innumerable styles, colors, and designs to choose from including:

• Cylinder
• Fish Bowl
• Eiffel Tower
• Flute
• Rectangular
Just fill them with water gel, diamond confetti, flowers, and candles. You will definitely amaze everyone with how little you spent on your beautiful creations.

Cheap Aisle Runner

Your wedding is a special event and even though you might be on a budget there are still some fascinating, but cheap decorations that you can take advantage of. After all this is going to one special day for you and your new mate. Instead of spending tons on money on an aisle rug, you could use a chalkboard roll.

A chalkboard roll is easy, cheap, and fast to set up. The black chalk paper has a sticky removable back, so it can be placed on any surface. Once you roll the chalkboard material out, it works just like a chalkboard that you would see in a schoolhouse. Your guest can use chalk to write sweet messages and at the end of the night, you can easily erase them away.

There are many things that you can write on the board. For instance, the groom could write a special message to his bride. You could write some of the lyrics to your favorite song, as well. The options are endless, plus this is something that the kids will really enjoy. Just always remember to check ahead of time with the venue manager to make sure that this type of decoration is allowed.


The majority of soon to be married couples are going to be willing to splurge and go all out on their weddings! Of course, there is nothing wrong with saving money and purchasing cheap wedding decorations! By doing so, couples will be able to save on items that matter to them very little, while splurging on the items that matter greatly! This can provide couples with more possibilities, a bigger budget and potentially a more fun wedding that remains stylish and beautiful!

Unique Wedding Centerpieces – Unique, Beauty and Success

Have you ever thought about incorporating the use of unique wedding centerpieces into your wedding? There are two major aspects of the wedding that should be put together with extreme concentration. First, you’ll want to put a diligent amount of effort into the wedding dress. All brides want to look outstanding on their wedding day! At the same time, it is also vital to put a lot of effort into the wedding centerpieces, which should be unique, attractive and totally awesome. Within this guide, you will learn all about some of the best unique wedding centerpieces.

Get it Together

First and foremost, there are a massive number of things that should be confirmed, before moving onto this aspect of the wedding. First, you should think about the specific wedding theme. Although a centerpiece might fit your uniqueness requirements, it also needs to be able to fit your theme! Remember that more classic themes should use classic centerpieces and vice versa. This will ensure that your selection doesn’t look awkward or out of place. Instead, it’ll fit right in and create total harmony.

On the other than, you will want to consider slapping together a color scheme! Your colors can help to set the mood perfectly. It is vital to determine the exact type of wedding and then select colors that will fit it. Purples, blues and oranges can help to create something more fun and exciting. On the other hand, whites, dull yellows and blacks will help to create a relaxing environment and put your guests at ease.

Thinking Outside of The Box

If you truly want to be able to stun your audience with unique wedding centerpieces, you’ll need to think outside of the box. This can actually have a number of different benefits. For instance, you will be able to creating something unique. Heck, you might even create a new trend! Of course, the biggest benefit is the fact that you’ll be able to create something that pleases you in all regards. Although a wedding planning expert might consider one centerpiece to be the best, you might not like it so much! Therefore, you should attempt to please yourself and no one else! In this regard, thinking outside of the box can help!

Create a Beautiful, But Simple Twig Centerpiece

Whether you’re putting together a fall, winter or spring wedding, it is possible to use some very similar items. Earthy items can work well, as long as they’re decorated in the right manner. With this in mind, you will most certainly want to consider collecting a bunch of outdoorsy items, such as twigs and limbs. They should be completely bare! Once you’ve gotten your hands on a few of these, you’ll want to find something to put them in.

A very nice vase will work exceptionally well. If you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, you can also use a simple metal can, which has been spray painted beautifully. It is possible to create this little decoration a few times for a more elaborate centerpiece. Once you’ve got your vases, you should put the twigs inside and begin playing around with different designs.

Although you can use the twigs bare, you don’t have to. Instead, it is possible to use ribbons of all different shapes and sizes to decorate the twigs. Ribbons can be wrapped around the twigs for a beautiful finish. Make sure that you decorate the rest of the decoration and the exterior, as well.

A Tall Floral Arrangement

Many couples want to be able to stun their guests, as soon as they enter the room. If this is something the peaks your interest, you will want to consider using a very tall floral arrangement. Tall centerpieces are excellent, because they’re unique, bold and difficult to ignore. Of course, you’ll need to purchase some tall vases. Once you’ve got the vases, you will be able to begin putting together your floral arrangement. Be sure to choose flowers that match the overall color scheme.

Next, you’ll want to consider building the display bigger and tall. This can easily be done with stems and twigs. Make sure that they’re attached to similarly colored flowers. Finally, you can attach some beautiful tiny hanging chandeliers. Be sure to support the vase, so it doesn’t tip over! At the same time, you should decorate the base of the vase, as well.

The Bamboo Centerpiece

Some of the best unique wedding centerpieces are only effective, because of the items used. This is especially true, when it comes to a nice bamboo wedding centerpiece. Bamboo is a brilliant wood that is entirely beautiful and attractive on its own. It is also available in a few colors. The darker brown versions can work exceptionally well, if you’re going to be using darker tablecloths and wooden bare chairs.

Of course, it is also possible to impress with the lighter shades of bamboo, as well. Remember that the bamboo can be cut to all different sizes, which will allow you to create a stair like display. After this is done, you will want to add some floral items to the display. This will undoubtedly create a very beautiful centerpiece that everyone will enjoy. You might need to bore out the center of the bamboo, but this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

An Extraordinary Edible Centerpiece

Many couples will want to be able to incorporate edible items into their wedding’s centerpiece. This is entirely possible and many edibles work perfectly as decorative items! As long as you have the appropriate vase, you can pull this off and delight all of your guests. First, you’ll need to find a very tall cylinder-like vase. You can fill it up with a little bit of water, if you wish. Then, red and green apples can be added to the display.

After this has been put together, you will want to add a nice floral arrangement to the vase. It is best to use a seasonal fruit that will match the color of any other nearby decorative items. If you want to be able to add a little bit of spark to the arrangement, you will want to toss in a submersible LED light. The display will shine and work perfectly for a large number of weddings.

Pictures and Pictures

There are many different unique wedding centerpieces that are absolutely brilliant, but many of them aren’t personal. With this in mind, many couples will want to be able to create a centerpiece that is beautiful, unique and personal! A personal centerpiece is capable of showing off your relationship and showing your audience exactly why you’re getting married. These centerpieces can be very affordable and heartfelt, as well. Heck, all you really need is a bunch of pictures, which you’ve likely collected over a period of time anyway.

Once you’ve selected the pictures that feel right, you’ll want to arrange them in the appropriate manner. Find your table’s center and lay out all of your pictures. You can create a timeline, or you can use pictures in a random order. The possibilities are endless and anything will work well, as long as you like the overall display. At the end of the night, the pictures can easily be taken home and they can be cherished for eternity.


Although they might not seem like a good fit, you should most certainly consider using some books for your wedding’s centerpiece. This is a great idea for classic weddings. Books are available in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. By collecting the right books, you will be able to stack them up beautifully. If you have a personal favorite book, you will want to make sure to toss it into the pile. Classic bound volumes will help to add size to display and work well!

This is a wonderful centerpiece that will work with all different types of weddings. At the same time, you likely already have many of these books. This means that you’ll get a beautiful centerpiece and won’t have to spend anything. Be sure to add a beautiful floral item to the top. You can also use ribbon and allow it to hand freely from the inside of the books.


At the end of the day, there are thousands of different unique wedding centerpieces. With this in mind, it is a good idea to experiment for a significant period of time. With a little bit of experimentation, you will be able to find the centerpieces that sparkle in your eye! Remember that unique is extremely beautiful and will be undoubtedly memorable. Still, you should remember that you’re the only one that needs to be pleased. If you’re able to accomplish that, your centerpiece is a success.

White Round Tablecloths Are Perfect for All Weddings

Anyone that is trying to plan a traditional wedding will incorporate the use of white round tablecloths. These linens have an array of different benefits and will dramatically enhance the overall appearance of your tables. Of course, there are numerous factors that will need to be taken into account, before you seal the deal and begin the decorating. Within this guide, you will learn all there is to know about these linens and how to successfully implement them into your upcoming wedding!

Before You Shop

Before attempting to shop around, there are a few things that need to be settled away. It is impossible to purchase tablecloths, until have the tables selected. At the same time, there are a handful of different characteristics that you’ll want to look for in your linen! Some of these are personal preferences, but others will ensure that the linen can be used easier and in a better manner.

• Color – There will undoubtedly be an assortment of different colors available to you. It is vital to make sure that you stick closely to your wedding theme and overall color scheme. As long as you follow this mold, it is acceptable to choose whatever you want.
• Designs – There will also be an assortment of different designs. This is where you’ll need to make decisions for yourself. The various designs are all suitable, but some will be more beautiful in your eyes than others.
• Price – If buying the linen, price will most certainly be a factor. However, you shouldn’t allow the price tag to cloud your judgment. Instead, try to find a middle area and stick with it.
• Maintenance – When buying the linens, you’ll need to make sure that you take care of them properly! They’ll need to be well cared for, in order to enhance your reception. Remember that different fabrics will require different types of maintenance.

By knowing each of these factors, you will have an easier time selecting the linens that work best for your particular situation.

Some Renting Concerns

Renting linen is always reasonable and thousands of couples have been able to rent, without problems. However, there are some potential concerns that should be noted, when renting your linens. First and foremost, you’ll need to realize that the rental shops tend to use the same items time and again. If they haven’t followed proper maintenance procedures, the linen might be dirty, ripped or flawed in one way or another.

This is especially a concern that should be noted, when trying to purchase white round tablecloths! Remember that the white material is capable of getting dirty much easier. Therefore, you will need to carefully inspect all of the material, before making your purchase. Still, if you’re looking to save money and don’t want to carry everything home with you, renting is an excellent choice!

Your Particular Needs

Before you purchase white round tablecloths, you should make sure that this exactly what you’re after. Are you sure that you’re totally satisfied with the white linen? They definitely make an awesome choice, but you should ensure that they’re right for the preferences of you and your partner. At the same time, you should ensure that they mesh with your wedding theme perfectly. If you’re willing to follow this information, you will not be able to fail regardless of the linen that you select.

Formal Wedding

If you choose to stick with the etiquettes of tablecloths and formal events, you should go with the white table cloth. Of course, you can also choose ivory, because it is very near to white. If you select to use to the white table cloth, you should use ivory napery, because it will balance out the brightness a bit. One thing is sure and that is the linen and napery must have continuity throughout.

Runners and Overlays

When attempting to use your tablecloths, you should remember that these items do not necessarily have to be used alone! Instead, you can actually use an assortment of different linen together. In this type of situation, you can also use runners and overlays. Although they might be very similar in purpose, these entirely different. Each can beautify, before they do so in a unique manner.

• Table Runners – Table runners are very cool and will work excellently for weddings. They tend to be very thin, but very long. Once the tablecloth has been placed, the runner is positioned down the center of the table. This helps to add a little more elegance. Of course, this makes them more acceptable for rectangular tables.
• Overlays – Table overlays are very much different. They’re actually like miniature tablecloths that go over top of the tablecloth. The overlay is a tad bit smaller though and only covers a portion of the table. With the right selection of overlay, you can create a very beautiful display that will be delightful.

Types of Fabric

When it comes down to it, there are many different types of fabric that are utilized in the creation of tablecloths. In order to ensure that you choose the right tablecloth for your particular situation, you will need to make sure that you select the right fabric! If you’re going to be renting, this might not be such a big decision to make. However, those that will be buying will want to ensure that everything is perfect, since they’ll be holding onto the linen for a longer period of time.

Remember that some materials, such as silk and cashmere, are much more expensive, but are very beautiful. Cotton is always an excellent choice and is one that is readily available and entirely affordable. You should also consider the different maintenance requirements for the various fabrics! Be sure to browse around, until you find the perfect fabric for your own needs.

Laundering White Linen

You are most likely already aware of the mishaps that can occur during a wedding reception dinner and utilizing white table cloths will definitely increase the dangers. Of course, your hands will be tied, if a spill occurs during the event, because the best you will be able to do is dab it up and try to prevent someone else from coming into contact with it. If you want to be creative on your special day, you should take a bar of soap with you for the inevitable. You can attempt to prevent the stain from setting in, by rinsing out the stain, as best you can and rubbing the soap into the stain. This may be a suitable treatment for some types of stains, but not all of them, so do not expect a miracle, when trying this technique.

When you return home with your white table cloths, you will need to know how to launder them appropriately. There are many tricks to removing set in stains from white fabric.

• Fruit Juices – Wash with the appropriate bleach formula
• Mustard – Pretreat with stain remover and launder with oxygen rich bleach
• Dairy Products – Pretreat with stain remover, soak for 30 minutes, and follow up with laundering
• Chocolate – Pretreat with stain remover and liquid laundry detergent, allow to sit for 30 minutes, and then follow up with laundering
Hopefully these tips will help you treat those frustrating stains appropriately and effectively.


When attempting to plan your wedding, you will not want to leave your tables bare! Instead, you can easily cover them with some beautiful white round tablecloths. Just make sure that you select the right size and fabric! As long as the linens fit your specific needs and preferences, they will definitely improve the overall appearance of your wedding and make it much more memorable!

Wedding Gown: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

There is no doubt that purchasing your wedding gown is an imperative task! You want to ensure that the gown is beautiful, fits perfectly and is well made. There are many different things that need to be taken into account, in order to ensure that you get a dress that fits this criterion. Where can you buy a dress and what do you need to know? Within this guide, you will be able to discover everything you need to know about purchasing the best wedding gown.

Don’t Shop Too Early

In the past few years, engagements have gotten longer and longer. Some couples are engaged for several years, before they actually get married. Although there is definitely nothing wrong with this, it is essential to plan accordingly. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you shouldn’t purchase a wedding gown too early! It is typically best to wait until the last 12 months, before you make this purchase.

You should remember that things can happen over a short period of time. You might gain or lose weight and the dress may no longer fit. At the same time, your ultimate selection will be based on a number of different factors, including your venue and wedding theme. It is difficult to know what dress to purchase, until these elements have been selected and set in stone.

Don’t Shop Too Late

In the same sense, it is essential to make sure that you do not wait too long. Waiting too long could potentially destroy your chances of getting the dress in time. The experts typically recommend that you start shopping for a dress at least ten months, before the wedding. This is vital since it can take five to eight months for the dresses to come in. Although it is possible to avoid this complication and put in a rush order, this will cost significantly more. Plan ahead a little, but not too much, and everything will be fine.

Discounts Can Be Deceiving

When attempting to shop for a wedding gown, a large number of brides will immediately go for the massive discounts. Sure, this might save you a little bit of money, but it can also present some difficulties. Sample sales always sound like good ideas at first, but you should remember that you are purchasing samples! These items have likely been through the ringer and have been tried on by many different individuals. This increases the possibility that they’ve been torn or damaged.

In the same sense, it is absolutely vital to make sure that the alteration fee has been thrown into the final price of the dress. This can be quite expensive and you do not want to have to pay for anything else, after you’ve shelled out a lot of money for the dress itself. Make sure that you check over the item carefully, before making your purchase to ensure that it meets your standards and quality desires.

Types of Wedding Gowns

It goes without saying that a bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Aside from the makeup and hairstyle, your wedding gown is going to be the center of attention. Everyone has a different body type, so before you even start shopping for a dress, it is imperative that you understand each type of gown that is available for different body types. Below you are going to learn some more information about the types of gowns and what body type they fit best.

Ball Gown

This is the type of dress that will remind you of a fairy tale. The dress comes fitted with a bodice and flares at the waist with a full skirt. This type of dress will really by suitable for any body type, but it works best for a pear- shaped body, because it hides the lower portion of the body. With that being said, the ball gown can be a bit overwhelming, if you have a smaller frame.


The A-line gown resembles the appearance of the uppercase letter A. This is another gown that will be suitable for any body type.

Modified A-Line

The modified A-line dress is similar to the A-line dress. The only difference is that the skirt fits closer to the body than the A-line gown. You will also find that this type of dress will suit any body type.


The trumpet gown fits tight on the upper body and flares out around the mid-thighs. This gown is really designed for women with a small waist. The trumpet gown is not really a good pick for pear or apple body shapes, because the dress is designed to show off the stomach and hip areas.


The mermaid gown fits close against the body around the chest and knee areas. However, the gown flares out around the knees, which is really idea for anyone who has an hourglass shape. If you are a plus size woman, you really want to stay away from this gown.


The sheath gown is a narrow gown that flows straight down from the neckline to the hem. This type of gown is best for petites and banana body types.

Snap Photos

If you want to make sure that you wedding gown is absolutely perfect, you should consider asking a bridesmaid to snap some photos, while you are posing in each gown. This will allow you to see what you actually look like, in a different perspective. You can continue your search and apply the same measures, so that you will have a collection of photos for your personal album.

After you have the album completed, you can go back at any time and view the photos, so that you can make the right decision, without second-guessing yourself. It is vital that you follow this tip to a tee, because you do not want to regret your decision later on down the road.


Every lady dreams of the day that she will be able to walk down the aisle in her beautiful wedding gown. This is mainly why it is so important to avoid hasty decisions, because they can potentially come back to haunt you. Always ask for the advice of others, because they want you to be at your utmost best on your wedding day.

Country Wedding: What You Need To Know To Pull It Offer

Are you currently contemplating the various wedding themes and trying to select the right one for your upcoming wedding? If this is the case, you should definitely consider the country wedding theme! If you’re from one of the beautiful southern states, you will find that these themes are very popular and fairly easy to pull off. If you want to be the southern belle, you’ll definitely want to add a little southern hospitality to your wedding’s décor. In this guide, you will learn a great deal about planning and designing a country wedding.

Typical Basics of Country Weddings

Although it is essential to remember that all wedding are completely different, there are a few similarities that can be associated with country weddings. Still, you shouldn’t be afraid to deviate from the standards. First and foremost, these types of wedding are often held outdoors. In the same sense, they’re usually much less formal. You won’t have to worry about sticking with the traditions, when tossing a country themed wedding. The wedding attire should fit the country style perfectly. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your wedding is embedded with southern charm.

Save the Date and Invitations

Before you can do anything else, you need to make sure that your guests are informed about your upcoming wedding. Obviously, you’ll need to send out your save the dates and invitations. You should definitely take full advantage of this opportunity to let your guests know about your wedding’s theme of choice. By using the right pictures, designs and words, your guests will immediately know that you’re going to be holding a country wedding!

Taking pictures near an open field or inside of a barn will provide you with everything you need for these items. Be sure to send out these cards as early as possible to provide you guests with a sufficient amount of time to plan!

Incorporate a Barn

Nothing reflects the country lifestyle better than a good old barn! Although not everyone will have easy access to one of these buildings, many will and they should definitely use it for their wedding! If you’re able to get married inside of the barn, it will be very adorable. Of course, you don’t have to be inside, as long as you are close. Either way, you’ll want to be sure to incorporate the barn into the wedding and get plenty of pictures with it. When everyone sees the wedding photographs, they’ll instantly be able to determine the specific type of wedding that you threw for your guests.

Arrive In Style

A country themed wedding can definitely be entertaining and there are no rules to how you conduct your arrival to the venue. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you should consider arriving in a southern style that will impress. Of course, you can hop on a riding tractor or lawn mower and feel like a princess, but what about a horse and carriage. There would be nothing more romantic than making your appearance in a beautiful carriage.

If you truly want to make your arrival stand out above others, you can arrive in a classic 52 Dodge truck or 1931 Ford Model A Cabriolet. These classic vehicles do not need to be restored to perfection. As a matter of fact, they will fit into the wedding better, if they still have Bondo body filler on them and scarcely any paint.

Have a Hayride

It is almost certain that your guests are going to rely on some form of transportation, in order for them to access the wedding. Of course, all different types of weddings call for different types of transportation. Luxurious and traditional weddings are more suitable for horse carriages and limos. For a country wedding, you will want to consider going with a hayride! This can be very inexpensive and will get the task completed in a beautiful and fun manner.

If you do not have access to horses to pull the cart, you should consider throwing some hay in the back of a pick up truck! A country themed wedding doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect! Remember the imperfections make things even more memorable and charming.

Remove The Champagne Glasses

Traditional weddings tend to be a little boring for some couples! For country themes, it is vital to think outside of the box. One of the easiest ways to do this is to replace your wedding’s champagne glasses. Get rid of those classy and luxurious glasses! Those things are for Yankees! Instead, you will want to consider something with a tinge of country. Mason jars will work perfect for this type of situation. Your guests will feel like they’re chugging down country moonshine, which will bring everything together in an adorable fashion.

The Country Attire

Of course, one of the most vital aspects of the country themed wedding is the attire! It is essential to make sure that your guests are perfectly dressed for the occasion. You don’t need fancy dress shoes and top hats. Instead, you can easily purchase some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat! The boots and hats will be excellent for both genders! Finally, throwing on some Levi jeans and some flannel shirts will fit the mold perfectly. Heck, you could even take things a little bit further and allow the men to dress like gunslingers.

Change the Seating

How far do you want to take your country wedding? If you want to take things a tad bit further, you will want to consider changing the seating. Remember that your guests are likely country folk and they don’t need the commodities of the Yankees. With this in mind, you should consider replacing those beautiful chairs with some equally stylish bales of hay. Make sure that something comfortable is sitting on the top of the hay, so that your guests will remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the night!

Country Favors

Just because you have decided to have a country themed wedding does not necessarily mean that your guests should not receive their favors. Of course, you will want to go the DIY route, so that you can perfect your very own wedding favors. Again, there are no rules that you must stick with, since this is a country wedding, you can just do whatever and have fun doing it.

Now nothing says country better than mason jars. This antiquity items will make the best wedding favors, but of course, you will need to use your creative side to pull this DIY task off. Before you get started decorating the mason jars, you should get on your computer and create a unique gift card, so that you can personalize your favors, in a later step.

You can use lace or burlap fabric to decorate the outside of your jars or you can just paint them with an oil-based paint, but this will take a little longer to dry, so keep this in mind. If you choose to use the fabric, be sure to measure the diameter of the jars. Once you have completed that easy task, just cut the fabric to that exact size, and then apply the glue to the backside of it. Wrap it around the Mason jar and allow it to dry, which should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.

Fill the jars with corn candy or cocoa and marshmallows. If you choose to paint the jars, you should fill them with flowers, instead of candies. Top your country favors off, by tying the personalized gift card onto the jars, so that everyone will be reminded of you every time they look at it.

Rustic Wedding Arch

You will definitely need a rustic wedding arch, if you are having an outdoor wedding. This beauty should be decorated to perfection. Of course, you can always take advantage of horseshoe, because remember a country wedding would not be set in stone, without this lucky charm.

Rustic wood should be utilized to create the arch, because you want it to blend into the wedding scene perfectly. Once your arch is completed, you should decorate it with flowery vines, so it will blend wonderfully into the natural setting. Tulle can also be used, if you have difficulty finding a flowery vine, but make sure that you tie the horseshoes onto the arch, after you completed the wrap. Use a thin ribbon to attach it to the arch, so the horseshoes look, as if they were meant to be there.


At the end of the day, you should make sure that the country wedding is something that you and your significant other are up for. Once you’ve confirmed it, you should be excited, because this is undoubtedly one of the most fun and exciting wedding themes! When formality isn’t a problem, you’ll be able to have tons of more fun and your guests will love it!